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Curzon Cinema - Mayfair
Liverpool Cathedral
Clifton Cathedral Bristol - stations of the cross
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Clatterbridge Cancer Research Hospital
Humanities Building at Manchester University
Honolulu Civic Square
Lee Valley Water and Swiss Cottage Community Centre
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London City Council
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Manchester Piccadilly Hotel
Deptford High Street
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Proposed Fulham Stadium

Recycling Old Pianos, Chairs, Tables

Old furniture and Pianos are packed with fantastic pieces of shaped hardwood, seasoned with many years of use and not liable to further shrinkage.

These shapes are perfect for inlaying into tables - or into large wall areas. It means that in restricted viewing areas, staircases and lobbies, the individual pieces can be studied.

This can prevent the disappointment of not viewing the whole. In the sample panel No.1, the piano 'hammers' can be seen, and sections through a moulding or leg.


These wood mosaics are capable of being very large scale, as the examples of the staircase wall of Manchester Piccadilly Hotel illustrate. The scale of the wall is indicated by the figure ascending the staircase.

An obvious extension to the technique is to use the router referred to in previous illustrations, and to etch the designs into the floor itself. The wood sections are placed in the openings made by the router, and the floor itself sanded down together with the inlaid wood, then sealed and polished.