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Listed Works
Curzon Cinema - Mayfair
Liverpool Cathedral
Clifton Cathedral Bristol - stations of the cross
Cement Concrete Association

Techniques and Media
Cement Sculpture with Faircrete
Etched Glass
Glass Fibre Cladding
Glass Reinforced Plastic
Metalised Concrete
Inlaid Chipboard
Large Scale Concrete Sculpture
Scaling a Pattern
Metal Moulding
Recycled Glass
Recycled Furniture
Corten Metal Fountains
Water features
Other Projects
Clatterbridge Cancer Research Hospital
Humanities Building at Manchester University
Honolulu Civic Square
Lee Valley Water and Swiss Cottage Community Centre
Motorway Bridge Designs
Wellington College
Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps
Harlow Civic Water Gardens
London City Council
minut Men
Manchester Piccadilly Hotel
Deptford High Street
Recreational Structures
Vintage Car Rally
Various 1960's concrete works
Bay Area Transport System
The Ritz
Proposed Fulham Stadium


Chester police headquarters, concrete end wall pierced with holes and gruyere cheese like -I probably did this in 1965.

The Flying Machine" behind the bar at London Airport, executed in solid resin with embedded brass-silver- and so on to form an ancient flying machine.

Ceramic tiles to form a bas relief wall - City of London, 1963.

Mural detail, Wimbledon 1968

Jacuzzi pool animals that decorated the walls and formed free standing subjects, such as the eagle below.

A freestanding interlocking concrete sculpture in white marble aggregate.

Sha-Walie Khan, surveying the walls of the Doha Zoo, which stands in the desert 14km out of Doha, executed 1978.

A fountain off the motor way at Kidderminster. Fountains are always a risk - nobody wants to maintain them, they fall into dis-use and either accountants or property developers erase them.

Another free-standing group of abstract sculptural forms.

Below is a very interesting garden in the Rockefeller Hotel Hawaii - it is suspended between floor levels, and you can walk along the path with the plants beneath you.