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Curzon Cinema - Mayfair
Liverpool Cathedral
Clifton Cathedral Bristol - stations of the cross
Cement Concrete Association

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Cement Sculpture with Faircrete
Etched Glass
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Clatterbridge Cancer Research Hospital
Humanities Building at Manchester University
Honolulu Civic Square
Lee Valley Water and Swiss Cottage Community Centre
Motorway Bridge Designs
Wellington College
Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps
Harlow Civic Water Gardens
London City Council
minut Men
Manchester Piccadilly Hotel
Deptford High Street
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Vintage Car Rally
Various 1960's concrete works
Bay Area Transport System
The Ritz
Proposed Fulham Stadium

Corten Metal Fountains and Free Standing Things

"Corten" metal goes rusty or oxidises in a controlled way.

Thus, after a few weeks, it presents itself as a velvet red carpet, and in the case of the spherical fountain on the left, it appeared as a deep red sea anemone.

When the water was activated, each "triangle" dripped and turned deep red, almost as if it was blushing.

You put your head through, or at least you could before EU regulations stopped you having a head.

My friend the Ram surveying the limitless desert of the Red Sea. A truly patient creature, and I would like to be with him again in many ways.